Kakutaro Kubo and Kimi Kotani, who were deeply concerned by the deterioration of the human spirit that they witnessed, founded Reiyukai in the early 1920’s. Mr Kubo believed that the teaching of Shakymuni Buddha would be a very good way to stop the social and cultural upheaval that Japan was going through. He envisioned a lay Organization that would make it possible for all people to be able to practice and appreciate the teachings. Over the next half-century, Reiyukai’s social service and personal development programs were effective in helping Japanese society face the challenges that surrounded them by helping them achieve a broader sense of the ‘self’ and ‘community’ while still maintaining an awareness of their cultural identity. Consequently the Reiyukai was established.

Reiyukai America was founded in California in 1972 as a [501(c)(3)] non-profit entity for the promotion of personal development, mutual understanding, and initiative for community service.