Appreciating Ancestors

We would not be here today if it were not for our ancestors. In order to make ourselves more aware of that fact, we make a family plaque that represents all the ancestors, known and unknown, who had to exist in order for us to exist today. Then we recite from the Blue Sutra to our inner self and to our ancestors represented by that plaque. By recognizing their existence and their influence – not only on us but also on the society in which they lied – we reinforce our awareness of cause and effect. We realize that our actions will also have consequences for our descendants and for the society that we live in.

Reciting the Blue Sutra helps us to maintain our determination to take charge of our own future, to guide our own future, and to help improve the future for other human beings. This recitation can also help our unconscious mind see situations more clearly. (Sometimes our daily grind clouds and colors our conscious mind.) Recitation of the Blue Sutra helps us to understand, find answers, and take actions that lead to a brighter future.Picture1