Reiyukai Way of Living

Step 1     Say “Hi!” to your ancestors!

The Reiyukai way of living encourages us to extend the feelings of appreciation to our ancestors.  Anymember of Reiyukai can request for an installation of a Sokaimyo, a standing plaque that symbolizes all ancestors on both paternal and maternal sides of the family.  You can spend some time with your ancestors with the plaque through the recitation of Reiyukai’s Blue Sutra, philosophical texts in which you can learn about what the Buddha said about making a better life.


Step 2     Let’s make a circle of friends!


Secondly, Reiyukai encourages each one of us to eastablish a circle of friendship.  through the establishment of friends who would practice the teachings of Reiyukai, you are more likely to obtain new ideas, points of view, and attitudes.  Reiyukai’s “friend” relationship is about stimulating and learning from each other.

Hence, through establishing friends you would obtain new ideas and attitudes that make you grow as a person.  If you are surrounded by many people, the results from that would be unlimited, wouldn’t it?


Step 3     Care about others!


The last step is “Care”.  “Care” is absolutely tied into the concept of living in a Reiyukai way.  In other words, it is about “how we can make others happy with our own existence instead of only making ourselves happy?”  The last step of living in a Reiyukai way is to keep asking ourselves this question and take actions that may become answers.