July 2016 Recap


A big hit, always fun and entertaining. Reiyuaki Creative Recycling once again participated in Echo Park’s Annual Lotus Festival. Needles to say….it was a hit!


Madoka San (center w/ Fedora) showing fellow crafters how its done!


Reiyukai America’s annual Family Day Picnic! Chicago, IL

Levar, (left), who served as one of our Mcs, reflected as follows;”It showed me that family is more than just blood related relatives. It also includes close friends and others who bring joy into your life!”


“We wanted to reachout to more people”, said Tomoko Obara, Reiyukai National Commeetee member representing Chicago. “So we wanted to organize our annual event during the summer season outside at a park”


… silliness was not a requirement….but it was certainly welcomed!


June 2016 Recap




Pasadena’s Pop Up Museum Pasadena, CA

Reiyukai America was invited by Side Street Projects, a non-profit organization, to celebrate family in Pasadena City’s Pop-Up Museum. This year’s theme wqas “family”, which was very fitting considering Reiyuak America is all about family!


Leaders of Distinct Nations Sharing One Goal Tokyo, Japan

Two winners from Chicago’s Letter to My Parents Contest, Levar Stepney and Anna Ramirez,   had the opportunity to visit Tokyo, Japan, as delegates for Reiyukai’s annual cultural exchange program. Members of the delegation had the opportunity to learn the cultural and history of Japan, make friends while interacting with young leaders of Reiyukai, as well as meeting and interviewing the Minister of Education and the Deputy Governor of Hiroshima! Needless to say, it was a memorable experience for all!





Thank you for your support!

Dear Friends

In response to the devastating disasters that occurred in Japan and Ecuador in April, the Letter to My Parents Contest Organizing Committee in three regions — Chicago, Hawai‘i, and Los Angeles —invited friends, businesses, and all the contestants from the previous years to join and support the disaster relief effort through monetary support.

As of May 31st, we are very happy to announce that we have raised a total of $3065.
$1755 will be transferred to Reiyukai’s Arigato Kodama Fund.
$1310 will be channeled to a special account through Ecuadorian Volunteers Association for the purchase and distribution of needed essentials.

We couldn’t be happier for this result! Thank you very much for those who showed their support!
As of today June 3rd, we will officially conclude our disaster relief drive. Thank you very much for your support!

May 2016 Recap

Photo May 07, 12 41 16 PM

Photo May 07, 1 27 40 PM

What’s this? Adorable handbags made out of recycled milk cartons & duct tape?

That’s right. Reiyukai’s Creative Recycling hosted another one of their popular crafting events at San Bernardino’s Rialto Branch Library. It was such a hit, keep an eye out for us, we’ll be back San Bernardino, CA!


Abraham Licoln National Cemetery Elwood, IL

We Remember, Honor, Appreciate and Pledge

The Reiyukai America National Committee and Reyukai’s young leaders group-REACT (Reiyukai Active Care Team) planned a variety of activities to appreciation to the unknown heroes who dedicated their lives to to protect this beautiful country. Each event became an opportunity to make a pledge; making the world a better place by cultivating a group of friends who work for the sake of others.