April 2016 Recap

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Reiyukai America’s REACT in effect @ Avantara Rehab Center Chicago, IL

Bringing Joy and creativity in people’s lives.


Loaves and Fishes in Schiller Park. Chicago, IL

Reiyukai’s Creative Recycling celebrating Dia de Los Ninos with Los Angeles’s famous Floricanto Center for the Performing Arts. It was an afternoon of dancing, crafting and food….delicioso!

Letter to My Parents Contest hosted an afternoon of crafting in this year’s Hawaii Book and Music Festival.


March 2016 Recap


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Letter To My Parents Contest Winners Chicago, IL.

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Left to right: 2016 Contest Award Recipients Anna Ramirez, Jeremy Poblete and Levar Stepney

Eleven letters, eleven life stories bringing changes into their lives and their community. The final presentation for the 2016 Letter to My Parents Contest in Chicago was held on March 19. 2016. After many entries, the top eleven letters were chosen. Once read out loud to their family, friends and community, all eleven participants received a $50 gift certificate along with a Certificate of Participation. Each contestant also received a “1 year Test-Prep Course Subscription” courtesy of BenchPrep. There were also three top winners! Levar Stepney and Anna Ramirez were chosen to travel to Japan and serve as delegate members of the 24th annual “Youth Cultural Exchange US-Mexico-Japan”. Jeremy Sean Poblete received a $500 scholarship sponsored by Evelin Freytas from New York Life Insurance Company! Thank you and congratulations to all who participated!

Letter 2 Parents_03-31-2016_0931_Social Media

Powerful voices from future LA leaders bringing changes to their lives and their community through a letter, L.A CA.

We are happy to announce the winners of our Los Angeles based Letter to My Parents Contest 2016. Just like all our national contest winners, 9 of our Los Angeles winning team  received a $50 gift certificate along with a one year Test Prep Course Subscription courtesy of BenchPrep, as well as a full day pass for the upcoming Pacific Media Expo 2016, courtesy of Pacific Media Expo. The top 3 contest winners received $500 each for the following categories: Andie Venegas won in the category of Bravery, Melody Trejo for Reflection and Alexa Robles for Proposal. The contest is organized by the Historic Filipino Town Rotary Club and Reiyukai America. Congratulations to all participants!


Make Things Happen!

A gathering of like minded spirits from various states united in Reiyukai America Pasadena Center for their annual Riyukai America National Committee Conference Weekend. The main focus for the gathering was to find answers to some important issues…What problems do we see in our community? What kind of care can Reiyukai provide for the community? Needless to say, by Sunday, all attendants had a clearer idea of what was to be their focus for the year 2016. Stay Tuned for up coming events!





Thank you for your support!

Dear Friends

In response to the devastating disasters that occurred in Japan and Ecuador in April, the Letter to My Parents Contest Organizing Committee in three regions — Chicago, Hawai‘i, and Los Angeles —invited friends, businesses, and all the contestants from the previous years to join and support the disaster relief effort through monetary support.

As of May 31st, we are very happy to announce that we have raised a total of $3065.
$1755 will be transferred to Reiyukai’s Arigato Kodama Fund.
$1310 will be channeled to a special account through Ecuadorian Volunteers Association for the purchase and distribution of needed essentials.

We couldn’t be happier for this result! Thank you very much for those who showed their support!
As of today June 3rd, we will officially conclude our disaster relief drive. Thank you very much for your support!

February 2016 Recap


Following the Founder’s Philosophy in Leading Productive Lives!

Pasadena, Califronia – On February 7, 2016, a lovely  gathering was held to celebrate the life and legacy of one of Reiyukai’s founding members, Mrs. Kimi Kotani. An international group of new and familiar faces, such as Japan, Nepal, Brazil, and Central America began the group recitation of the Maitreya Sutra, followed by a short video showcasing Mrs. Kotani’s vigorous spirit in creating the framework Reiyukai is today. The gathering ended with members sharing their thoughts inspired by Mrs. Kotani’s philosophy in leading productive lives; in honor of our ancestors, ourselves and future generations.


February 14 @ Reiyukai Coffee Talk, San Diego, CA

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And the Inspirational Creativity Award goes to….

Pasadena, CA – Congratulations to Shirley Hall from Montebello for winning the “Inspirational Creativity Award” in this year’s Reiyukai Creative Recycling 2015 Milk Carton Competition! For details visit: www.reiyukaicreativerecycling.com