October 2015 Recap



Relaying the Torch to the Next Generation

San Diego, California – 8th Branch Tokura Branch members living in So-Cal spent an enriching time during the visit of their Branch Leader, Mrs. Toshiko Takechi, from Japan.

The activities of Reiyukai in San Diego started during the 1970s. It was Mrs. Tokura, mother of Toshiko, who introduced and shared with the Japanese wives, who immigrated to the States, the experience of remembering and honoring the ancestors proposed by Reiyukai.

Throughout the five decades, many who became part of the Reiyukai community back then are now deceased, such as Yoshie Thomas, ex-member of the Reiyukai America National Committee representing the San Diego area.

On Sunday, October 11th, Tokura Branch members gathered to commemorate the lives of those who were dedicated to the practice of Reiyukai.

Many who joined the gathering shared their thoughts. One of the attendants said, “Reiyukai has been important to our lives — especially to my mother. I did not know much about it back then, but now that we have an English meeting every two months, I can understand better about Reiyukai, its teachings and its purpose.”

The commemoration had turned into a day of celebration where everybody felt the torch of Reiyukai teachings been relayed to the next generation.