As of January 2016, Reiyukai America Membership Fee will be $3.00 per person per month

Everything Reiyukai America does could not be possible without your Annual Membership support.


In order to provide many projects, in order to reach out to many more different communities all around our nation, the Reiyukai America National Committee has decided to increase the membership fee as of January 2016.


Please be aware that Reiyukai America membership fee will be $3.00 per person per month. That is only a 50¢ increase per person. Therefore, the annual membership fee per person will be $36.00.


Below are several ways to maintain your Annual membership status active! Many thanks!


1: Sending Check/Money Order to the office directly.

Please make the check payable to “Reiyukai America.”


2: Bring cash to the office or give it directly to the person

who invited to you to join the activities of Reiyukai



3: Direct Deposit to the Reiyukai’s Wells Fargo Bank account.

Account Number: 5670485142

Please contact the office after making a deposit.


4: Online. Go visit Reiyukai America’s website now!


August Recap


Tokyo, Japan — Ever since its foundation on July 13, 1930, Reiyukai has been advocating its philosophy— the values of devoting oneself for the sake of others and the community. The “Reiyukai Foundation Festival” is a celebration that is held in over ten locations all over Japan to share and introduce the spirits that has never changed for the last seven decades.

On Sunday, July 12, JOY-FEST in TOKYO was held in Reiyukai Headquarter’s Shakaden. Their event keyword was “ENJOY.” “EN (縁) ” in Japanese, can be translated as “bonding.” The different programs, activities and workshops that were presented during the big event was an opportunity for everyone to be aware of their connections.




Tokyo, Japan — Reiyukai America once again proudly supported the “New Life Adventure’s Used Postage Stamps Collecting Drive.” The New Life Adventure (NLA), supported by Reiyukai in Japan, aims for a healthy development of the youth. Through the NLA, teens in Japan exchanged used postage stamps for cash, then purchased wheelchairs to donate to welfare centers and hospitals.

On August 6, Madoka Obara, Reiyukai America National Committee Member representing Los Angeles/Pasadena region, visited the New Life Adventure Administration office in Tokyo, Japan, and made an official presentation of used stamps that were collected through multiple Reiyukai America members. Reiyukai America members are always invited to join to this cause!  For more details, visit


Above: August @ Reiyukai Gathering in central LA/Culver City Area


Above:August 15-16 @ 7th Annual Los Angeles Tanabata Festival