March Events Recap

Mar 14 – Chicago LMP (Letter to My Parents Contest in Chicago)
Mar 15 – Annual RANC Meeting
Mar 22 – San Diego Gathering


Mar 14 – Letter to My Parents Contest in Hawaii Final Presentation. For Press Release please click here


Mar 15- Annual RANC Meeting:  Once again, regional representatives from Los Angeles, Hawai‘i, Connecticut and Chicago gathered in the Windy City to attend the Reiyukai America National Committee Annual Conference. REACT members from different regions also joined the meeting. The participants at the Conference evaluated the results of the activities and projects that were implemented in each region during 2014—in order to make 2015 another year full of care and compassion. Many new projects and activities were introduced to the community during 2014 with a view to expanding the scope of Reiyukai’s philosophy.

Picture3Mar 22 – Blue Sutra recitation in group during the Reiyukai Coffee Talk @ San Diego