October Events Recap

October 8-22 Mrs. Takechi Visiting San Diego
October 10 Fall 2014 ArtNight Pasadena
October 11 Choices Expo
October 18 Connecting to Our Roots
October 27 South Western College
YuGo Club – Pizza A GO GO / Cotsen Tournament

October 8-22 Every year, it is a great joy for Reiyukai America members in San Diego to welcome Mrs. Toshiko Takechi, a branch leader from Japan. This year again, members organized various gatherings during her stay to share the life experiences that one has obtained through the practices of Reiyukai, as well as enriching their understanding that is incorporated in the teaching.

October 10 – It has become Reiyukai America’s annual tradition to be part of the greatest celebration of art―ArtNight Pasadena.  This year has become a debut for Reiyukai Creative Recycling after changing its name from Oriental Fusion Handcraft―Recycling Workshop.The Reiyukai Creative Recycling offered a picture-frame making workshop at the Pasadena Public Library as this year’s theme was “Celebrating 130 years 1884-2014.” Every participant, from children to adult, has become an artist to create their very own picture frame that allows you to capture your moment of celebration.

October 11 – Choices Expo is a free event that provides a variety of choices for new school for children, new outlook on health, more education, to go back to school, what is available from social services, to learn about places and opportunities in the surrounding areas.

October 18 – Reiyukai America members from Connecticut and Mari Lewis’ Tai Chi students gathered at Sherwood Island State Park for an afternoon of Tai Chi and potluck picnic lunch. Under the warm Autumn sun, children enjoyed the sand and the water while the adults enjoyed the harmonious and graceful movements of tai chi. The Reiyukai practice and the Tai Chi exercise promote balance by developing awareness of our connection to our roots, the Reiyukai in a spiritual way, Tai Chi in a physical way. (Report by Mari Lewis)

October 27 – On Monday, October 27, Reiyukai America was invited to be at the main campus of South Western College―a community college located in Chula Vista, CA, probably a college that is located in the most southern part of the nation.During a 50 minute class on a early Monday morning, a representative from Reiyukai America gave a brief lecture about how the philosophy of Buddhism was introduced to the Japanese society, how the teaching was adopted into the Japan’s custom and the significance of Reiyukai being a non-profit organization carrying out the ideas of Buddhism in the modern society. A big “Thank You” goes to Prof. James Westbrook for the invitation

YuGo Club Pizza A GO GO/Cotsen Tournament – Celebrating the National Pizza Month, on October 22, Yu Go Club hosted a Pizza A GO GO. What is it? Simple. Eating pizza along with Go players while playing Go! Over twenty Go enthusiast fill out the Reiyukai America Pasadena Center!

Yu Go Club was at the Cotsen Tournament that was held in Korea Town Los Angeles. Excellent news! I am proud to report that the Yu Go Club made a strong showing at this year’s Cotsen tournament. Rintaro, Joe, Hendrik, Ross, and Luis all finished with a positive record of 3-2. James Lou and I both finished with a record of 4-1 and we both won our respective divisions! Not only that, in an incredible turn of events, the Yu Go Club won $200 and 3rd place in a high stakes games of Rochambeau!” (Report by Greg Kulevich)