September Events Recap


The following report is about a Beach Cleaning project that took place in the morning of September 20th which was conducted under the initiative of Gabriela living in Orange County. “Our first beach cleaning is to focus on observing how clean the area is – after all, the ocean sustains us with the basic elements of life (it produces half of the oxygen in the air we breathe, and it is an essential part of the water cycle, helping to provide the water we drink). Huntington Beach is also home for several sea birds and ocean wildlife – nowadays, they are massively dying due to polluted waters. Basically, ocean is life – without it, we would not even be here! So it is our job taking good care of it and making sure it will be here for us for a long time to come,” said Gabriela prior to the activity.

The first beach cleaning attempt was successful as it was a great opportunity for all the participants to learn about the reality of the beaches in Southern California. REACT hopes to continue on a monthly basis to protect the ocean.

If you have an interest in providing care to your community, visit for volunteer opportunities or contact Rome at