Family Day Festival 2012 in San Diego

One of the goals that the organizers have set for this event was to reach out to new different communities to introduce the family values of Reiyukai and encourage them to join for the cause to create a better society together.

The organizers made their best effort taking their time out from their busy schedule with a strong wish to meet new friends. As a result, a blend of Vietnamese, Filipino, Mexican, and Japanese cultures was composed together in beautiful harmony featuring great singing performances, inspirational talks, and a fabulous Mexican Folklore Dance at the San Diego Family Day Festival.


Family Day Festival in Chicago 2012

Unite everyone’s strength together.” That will be phrase to describe the Family Day Festival that was held in Chicago on November 11th. Young Reiyukai members and their friends joined their talents and skills for the cause — a creation of a better society through a family improvement.

“Before I attended a Family Day event, my relationship with my parents was not as close as I wanted it to be. I did not converse with my parents or family as much. Then a friend of mine told me about this family event and I am so glad I went. Attending the event has reminded me that family is everything in our lives. It made me appreciate my parents more for all the things they have done for me.  I feel that my relationship with my parents have gotten stronger” said Jason who was the MC for this years festival.

“I love the idea of Family Day Festival since it not only refers to family members that are living today, but also the ancestors who created us. What Reiyukai proposes is to have a place dedicated to our ancestors in each household. A special place to not to be only thankful for them, but also to feel the thoughts about them” said Mrs. Keiko Obara, Guest Speaker for the event.


Reiyukai America in Pacific Media Expo 2012

For this year’s PMX, the OFH had a workshop to create Artistic Designer Handbags. Inspired from creating dresses out of Duct Tape, this color material was used to create a durable yet functional handbag that could be used daily. Created from only using two milk cartons, guests found how fun and easy the workshops actually are.

The Yu Go Club came out in full force over the three day event, to come teach the patience and meditation required to grasp the concept of Go. Newcomers were even able to learn the game directly from the 7 Dan Instructor Evan Cho as they took on this new concept for the first time.

As a completely new approach, Reiyukai America held a one hour discussion panel entitled “Decoding Japanese Culture” to explain the concepts of family and filial piety in Japan that often is seen in Japanese media such as movies and anime. The panel discussion focused on the family and the respect to one’s parents through their actions and cultural practices as the basis of Japanese life. Guided by Toshiro Obara and Rome Sotelo, guests were able to ask questions and gain insight from two unique perspectives representing both Japanese and American point of views.