“Chiri-Ai Movement” – Wheelchairs for Used Stamps

Don’t throw away your used envelops!!!  Did you know that your used stamps, as well as, used phone cards, and used train cards could be traded in for something useful?

The youth cultivation program supported by Reiyukai, New Life Adventure, has a program called the “Chiri-Ai Movement” which takes used postage stamps and certain prepaid cards such as phone cards and train cards, to exchange for cash. The money that is collected from exchanging these items will be spent to purchase new wheelchairs which will be donated to welfare centers and hospitals in need.

Chiri-Ai Movement: Chiri-Ai is a coined word combining an old Japanese saying and the word that means “Love.” The original saying is “Chiri mo tsumoreba yama to naru” which means “Little things make a big difference.” The Chiri-Ai movement was established with the hope that every little bit of love can make a big difference to someone.

The program has already started in 2001, and with their determination, the NLA was able to donate 23 wheelchairs to various welfare institutions within Japan.

This summer Reiyukai America has already donated a bag full of old stamps to the NLA, and were very delighted and appreciatative.  Apparently according to them, our foreign stamps yield a higher exchange than those that are collected in Japan. 

So if you know anyone that has a closet full of old letters, before doing your holiday cleaning, be sure to keep some of your envelops for a good cause. 

Wheelchairs are needed more than ever in Japan since the Earthquake and Tsunami.  We appreciate all of your support, and every little bit helps!

Below are the instructions with how to submit and collect the used stamps.  Only properly submitted stamps can be exhanged, so please read carefully.

How to Collect

Please make sure to cut around each stamp including a postmark, leaving a ½”to ¼” margin of paper.

Do not remove the stamps from the envelopes.

Stamps that are torn, dirty, or missing the outside jagged parts, will not be accepted.

How to Send

Reiyukai America will be collecting and sending all stamps to the NLA in Japan.  Please bring directly or mail to the main office at this address:

Reiyukai America
20 N. Raymond Ave. Suite 200
Pasadena, CA 91103

Great East Japan Earthquake Fundraiser – Closing Report

After the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami that occurred in March 11, 2011, Reiyukai has established the “Arigato Kodama Fund –Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. As of July 10, 2011, the total amount of donation that was collect from all over the world reached 3.8 million dollars. It has been used to give to the victims, to purchase relief aids, and to organize soup-runs. And there are still many more projects to be organized.

The Reiyukai Disaster Support Headquarters for Great East Japan Earthquake has decided to accept no more donations as of August 31.

The Reiyukai America National Committee, after receiving this notice, has also decided to finish the Great East Japan Earthquake Fundraiser. Also, the National Committee, would like to recognize the following people who took part in this activity.

California: B.R.& Y. Insurance Agency, Inc., Chizu Sakai Tanaka, Family Day Festival in San Diego, George Tokeshi, Gianni Zeno, Greg Kulevich, J Lou Architect Inc., Joseph Walters, Katsuko Nakagawa, Kazuko Heller, Kimi Takano, Martha Wu, Matsumae-Kai, Nancy Lim, Sueko Gruver, Tatsuko Kiyohara, Tenorio Family, Teruko Ojima、Teruko Yamada、Yoko T. Murray, Yoshie Thomas

Connecticut: Joanne Nelson, Mari Lewis, Sonia Sanchez

Delaware: Naomi Amaral

Hawai‘i: Budget Color Litho, Inc., Connie Hamasaki, Flora Tanaka, Hideko Uyeda, John Hosokawa, Katsuki Kaulia, Kazuko Snyder, Mary Tanaka, Noriko Sotta, Tomoko & Hideaki Obara, Thomas Hosokawa, Tsuyako Mukai

Illinois:  Esperanza Barrera, Isla Pilipina, Ramirez Family, Sonia Delgado

Massachusetts: Arthur Hughes III

Maryland: Leonard R Wayne

New York: Audrey Miller-Sydney, Wei Cong Chu Family

Texas: Edith Meffley, Yoshiko F. Chaisson

(In alphabetic order per state)

Thanks to the support of those who took part of this fundraiser, the total amount of $7,821.00 was donated to Japan for the relief of those who have suffered the disaster.

— — — — — — — —  

On the other hand, Reiyukai America is continuously operating the “Reiyukai America Disaster Relief Fund” in order to be able to support immediately those who are suffering from disaster. Reiyukai America National Committee invites everyone to continue supporting the fund.


-Reiyukai America National Committee