Call For Action: Hurricane Harvey

On August 25, tropical storm Harvey caused catastrophic flooding throughout Southern Texas. As of date; 185,149 homes have been damaged or destroyed, with the death toll at 39, (and let’s not forget our furry loved ones, with hundreds of thousands in the same predicament). Tropical Harvey is being considered “the wettest tropical cyclone on record in the contiguous United States.” Unfortunately, there seems to be no sign of relief as flash flood warnings are still in effect across the region; making us question, “What can I do? How can I help? What will be the final outcome? What will it take to rebuild these communities?…”

In response to the devastating disasters in Texas, the Reiyukai America National Committee held an emergency meeting on August 29, and made a call for action in support of those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The National Committee has decided to:

1: Make a $1000 donation from Reiyukai America’s Disaster Relief Fund to The American Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Fund. After the National Committee’s decision, on behalf of Reiyukai America, Toshiro Obara, Reiyukai America General Manager, made an online transaction of $1, 000 to the American Red Cross.


2: Encourage everyone, family, and friends, to support the Reiyukai America’s Disaster Relief Fund.

We have several options for your support:

1: Support American Red Cross Disaster Relief for Hurricane Harvey through Reiyukai America.

Your donation will be sent directly to the American Red Cross with any other donations gathered for the same purpose.


2: Support Reiyukai America’s Disaster Relief Fund

Natural Disasters are hard to predict, and when they hit, time is of the essence! Since 2007, under the National Committee’s initiative, Reiyukai America has maintained the Disaster Relief Fund as an emergency fund for quick and immediate financial support due to natural disasters. Your contribution will be the support of tomorrow!


Red Cross Receipt