July 2016 Recap


A big hit, always fun and entertaining. Reiyuaki Creative Recycling once again participated in Echo Park’s Annual Lotus Festival. Needles to say….it was a hit!


Madoka San (center w/ Fedora) showing fellow crafters how its done!


Reiyukai America’s annual Family Day Picnic! Chicago, IL

Levar, (left), who served as one of our Mcs, reflected as follows;”It showed me that family is more than just blood related relatives. It also includes close friends and others who bring joy into your life!”


“We wanted to reachout to more people”, said Tomoko Obara, Reiyukai National Commeetee member representing Chicago. “So we wanted to organize our annual event during the summer season outside at a park”


… silliness was not a requirement….but it was certainly welcomed!