Yu Go Club

Yu Go Club


Founded in 2007, the Yu Go Club has a strong following of devoted amateur and professional players. This game unfamiliar to many requires a lot of patience in order to create walls that capture your opponent. As a player becomes better, he or she will understand the nature of others by analyzing how they feel, how they think, and how they react.

In order to conquer your opponent to win the game, one must conquer themselves first, realizing ones own true feelings and reactions.

Only through control of oneself and the mental clarity to analyze any situation without emotional deterrence, can you overcome your opponent.


How to Join?


This club is free for all Annual Reiyukai America members. Simply, fill out a membership form, and submit it with the annual membership fee of $30.00. Once you become a member of Reiyukai America, you can participate in our other activities as well for free and receive a subscription to Reiyukai America News.



Every Wednesday at the Reiyukai Pasadena Center from 6pm-10pm.

  • Wifi Available
  • Exclusive Go Library for Annual Members
  • Small Snacks

Main Website: www.YuGoClub.org