Reiyukai Creative Recycling


Mission Statement

Reiyukai Creative Recycling utilizes innovative recycling methods to creatively transform things once thought of as trash into beautiful & useful things.

All of those who are involved with Reiyukai Creative Recycling see their whole world differently through the eyes of creative recycling. By changing their point of view, participants find the value in all things including the appreciation for life and others around them.

Reiyukai Creative Recycling accomplishes this personal transformation through its handcraft workshop using milk/juice paper cartons. The process of craft making allows one to constructively express their creativity while developing ones elegance and character through participant moral support.

No expensive tools or materials are required to purchase before beginning.
All skill levels from beginners to advanced are welcome to join. Anyone can do it!

How to Join?

The workshop is free for all Annual Reiyukai America members. Simply, fill out a membership form, and submit it with the annual membership fee of $30.00. Once you become a member of Reiyukai America, you can participate in our other activities as well for free and receive a subscription to Reiyukai America News.

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