March Events Recap

Mar 14 – Chicago LMP (Letter to My Parents Contest in Chicago)
Mar 15 – Annual RANC Meeting
Mar 22 – San Diego Gathering


Mar 14 – Letter to My Parents Contest in Hawaii Final Presentation. For Press Release please click here


Mar 15- Annual RANC Meeting:  Once again, regional representatives from Los Angeles, Hawai‘i, Connecticut and Chicago gathered in the Windy City to attend the Reiyukai America National Committee Annual Conference. REACT members from different regions also joined the meeting. The participants at the Conference evaluated the results of the activities and projects that were implemented in each region during 2014—in order to make 2015 another year full of care and compassion. Many new projects and activities were introduced to the community during 2014 with a view to expanding the scope of Reiyukai’s philosophy.

Picture3Mar 22 – Blue Sutra recitation in group during the Reiyukai Coffee Talk @ San Diego

February Events Recap

Feb 08 – Mrs. Kimi Kotani Memorial Service
Feb 14 – Hawaii’s Plantation Village
Feb 15 to 24 – Mr. Masaru Miyachi Visit
Feb 28 – Danza Floricanto Event


February is one of the most meaningful months of the year as the world-wide Reiyukai community commemorates the efforts and achievements of Co-Founder, Mrs. Kimi Kotani, who passed away on February 9, 1971.

This year’s commemoration was especially significant as Mirokusan—the young leaders training facility constructed in Japan under the leadership of Mrs. Kotani fifty years ago—completed its reconstruction and was re-inaugurated in January.

In California, members from Pasadena, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County gathered at the Reiyukai America Pasadena Center on Sunday, February 8th, in honor of Mrs. Kotani.



Waipahu, HI -On February 14th, during the Chinese New Year’s Celebration at Hawaii’s Plantation Village, those who visited Reiyukai America’s booth had huge smiles on their faces while making a colorful star-shaped craft from recycled materials. Locals were interested in listening to the active Reiyukai member about Reiyukai America’s mission and its activities in the Hawai‘i area.



From the 15th to the 24th of February, members of the 8th Branch in California enjoyed the visit of Mr. Masaru Miyachi, Leader of the Miyachi Branch. He visited cities such as San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego—meeting with both people that Mr. Miyachi himself had invited to become members and newer members of the 8th Branch.


DSC_0171On February 28 Reiyukai Creative Recycling was asked to participate in this years Danza Floricantos 2nd Anneversity event ‘Carnival Estilo Floricanto’.

January Events Recap


San Diego, CA On January 11, members in San Diego launched a new activity within the area―Reiyukai Coffee Talk. After a powerful and harmonious recitation, participants shared their thoughts over a nice warm cup of coffee.


“Reciting the sutra and honoring our ancestors as a group was a peaceful and enjoyable experience. Equally enjoyable was getting to know the people in our group. I look forward to learning more about the practice of Reiyukai and spending time with our fun group,” commented Celia Lukomski after the gathering.


The next Reiyukai Coffee Talk will be held on March 22nd at 1 p.m.