September Events Recap


The following report is about a Beach Cleaning project that took place in the morning of September 20th which was conducted under the initiative of Gabriela living in Orange County. “Our first beach cleaning is to focus on observing how clean the area is – after all, the ocean sustains us with the basic elements of life (it produces half of the oxygen in the air we breathe, and it is an essential part of the water cycle, helping to provide the water we drink). Huntington Beach is also home for several sea birds and ocean wildlife – nowadays, they are massively dying due to polluted waters. Basically, ocean is life – without it, we would not even be here! So it is our job taking good care of it and making sure it will be here for us for a long time to come,” said Gabriela prior to the activity.

The first beach cleaning attempt was successful as it was a great opportunity for all the participants to learn about the reality of the beaches in Southern California. REACT hopes to continue on a monthly basis to protect the ocean.

If you have an interest in providing care to your community, visit for volunteer opportunities or contact Rome at


August Events Recap

August 02    Historic Filipinotown Festival 2014
August 9-10  Los Angeles Tanabata Festival 2014
August 16-17 Chicago Members Visiting Mexico
August       Meetings with local leaders


August 2 – Did you know that the Historic Filipinotown in Los Angeles is the first officially designated Filipino district in the country? Every year, in order to preserve the culture and traditions of the community – the district organizes the Historic Filipinotown Festival. It was a great honor for Reiyukai America to be at this festival where representatives from Reiyukai America had the opportunity to explain its activities and network with local leaders who are striving for the development of their community!


August 9/10 – Every year, Reiyukai America’s LA members enjoy participating at the Tanabata Festival. For two full days, many people from different cultural backgrounds visited our booth to learn about the variety of activities and projects that take place within the region. Many people signed up for their annual membership in order to take part in the events. Many of those who did not sign up during the festival have attended the regular activities afterwards and have applied for membership. How awesome is that! Welcome new members!!

Picture7 Picture13

August 16/17 – Reiyukai in Mexico organized the “Young Adult Leadership Retreat” and were joined by two REACT members from Chicago. During the two-day program, the participants from Chicago had opportunities toexplain their activities, exchange ideas about how to promote the activities of Reiyukai, and interact with the Mexican members.


August Meetings with Local Leaders – The first story (picture) is of the Rotary Club of the Historic Filipinotown who was particularly interested in the Letter to My ParentsTM project. Later, representatives from REACT had a serious discussion about the project and the possibility of incorporating it into their lead writing program. We are very excited to be a part of this partnership so that REACT Los Angeles maybe able to bring this family-changing project to all of the people in the Filipino community. The second story (picture) is the update of our involvement with the kind people of Cambodia Town in Long Beach. REACT representatives met with American Red Cross Khmer Ambassador, Charles Song, who was introduced to the Letter to My ParentsTM Contest by a very active recent Annual Member of Reiyukai. With his kind endorsement, REACT will now continue to pursue meeting with local Khmer leaders in the area – with a view to introducing this enriching project to the community, as an inspiration to family unity.

July Events Recap

July 19-20   Lotus Festival 2014
July 26           Dragon Boat Festival 2014
July 27           Kundiman 808

Picture1Picture3 Picture2

July 19/20 – Reiyukai America was delighted to be a part of this amazing community event! The last time Reiyukai America participated was in 2011! At the Reiyukai America booth, participants enjoyed a free workshop to experience the magic of Reiyukai Creative RecyclingSM and the displays about the activities and projects that currently Reiyukai America promotes in the Los Angeles area. Reiyukai America staff enjoyed having great conversation with many people who showed interest and curiosity about what Reiyukai does. There were several people who signed up as a member to continue enjoying and learning more about the ideas of Reiyukai!


July 26 – Young Reiyukai America members in Chicago area enjoyed their first booth presentation at the Chicago International Dragon Boat Festival! Many who were participating at the boat race stopped by the Reiyukai America booth and learned about the local Reiyukai activities that take place in Chicago area.Picture5

July 27 – Last but not least, Reiyukai America attended Kundiman 808—an event that share a variety of voices of the Filipino-American culture! During the event, the Letter to My Parents Contest was introduced to the audience as one method of expressing the ideas and thoughts of the youth!



June Events Recap

June 21 Piyesta Pinoi 2014
June 22 Reiyukai Family Fun Group



June 21 – Piyesta Pinoi is community celebration aiming to unite the Filipino American Communities in and around the Chicagoland; to promote and preserve the Filipino culture and heritage. It is also their focus to foster collaboration amongst different groups, organizations, clubs, businesses and individuals.

It was a great pleasure for Reiyukai America Chicago Activity Committee to be part of the very first Fil-Am Celebration introducing the basic concepts of “family values” that Reiyukai promotes along with the ideas of recycling crafts!



June 22 – Diversity is one of the keywords that can describe the first Reiyukai Family Fun Group. Different families from different cultural backgrounds—Cambodia, Moldova/Romania, Spain, Mexico and Japan—joined at Brookside Park, located near the famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena to play together, sing songs, make creative recycling crafts, and enjoy book readings in many different languages! Can’t wait for the next meeting in July! For details, call the office!