summer 2017

Ravenswood Community Services 02










Ravenswood Community Service, Chicago, Illinois

What a busy summer Reiyuklai America and its members have been enjoying!  From Japanese language workshops and community services in Chicago, Illinois,  festivals in Honolulu, Hawaii, as well and craft workshops throughout the greater Los Angeles ! Oh, so much going on, where to begin?!

Well, here are some highlights…

Skokie Fest 15

The 27th Skokie Festival Of Cultures in Chicago, Illinois.


Hawaii Book & Music Festival in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Members enjoying the Kamehameha Day Celebration in Hawaii.


And lets not forget our popular craft workshops that are being enjoyed throughout the greater Los Angeles and Orange county areas!




June 2017




Hiroshima Peace and Memorial Park

On April 27, 2017, 10 Reiyukai America members from Chicago and Los Angeles arrived in Japan for a ten day Leadership Training Trip program, presented by Reiyukai America. Little did all know that it would turn into a life altering experience they would never forget. For further reading, please check out our Reiyukai America Newsletter….maybe you would like to join us?…….

Spring 2017


Chicago, IL  Letter To My Parents Contest


The 3 Grand Prize Winners!!!


Los Angeles, CA  Letter To My Parents Contest


The 3 Grand Prize Winners!!!

What a wonderful way to start the spring! By wining a writing contest that helps you connect with your family, this is what the Letter To My Parents Contest is all about. The contests where held in Chicago, IL as well as Los Angeles, CA. Reiyukai America was overwhelmed by the incredible out come of this year’s contests. Throughout both cities, many young writers partook by submitting personal letters of love, pain as well as gratitude for their parents and guardians; in hopes of making a stronger connection. Check out our 2017 Special Spring Issue Newsletter and read the heart warming letters written by our finalists…..don’t forget to have a tissue on hand!